Low back pain, what disease?

I’m 50 years old this year, and I’ve been having smoldering pain in my waist and knees lately, although the pain isn’t intense.
So please be asked what kind of disease is that? How to treat the disease as well as relevant information.

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Back pain is a common disease that almost everyone experiences. Often lumbar pain can be seen at any age. The causes affecting the above components of the spine can all cause back pain such as osteoarthritis, arthritis, the muscles of the spine are strained, torn by accident, due to activity, heavy labor, herniated discs, narrowing of the vertebrae … On the other hand, back pain is also a sign of serious but rare diseases such as metastatic cancer of the spine, spinal cord cancer, inflammation of the spine …

In addition, back pain can also be caused by pain in other organs such as pain in the kidneys (nephritis, kidneys … ). Since there are so many causes of back pain, when we have back pain, we must go to a medical facility for a general health check and imaging facilities to determine whether or not one or more spinal nerve roots are pinched; or just being irritated by the disc as well as excluding other serious causes of low back pain so that doctors will have appropriate treatments.

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